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Huntington Beach Family Law Attorney

Assisting Individuals In Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, And Murrieta With Family Law Issues And Disputes

Divorcechild custodyvisitation rights, and spousal support are intensely emotional issues that can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. Consequently, when disputes arise, they can be quite heated and adversarial. Even in cases where divorces and related custody and support issues are amicable, it often takes an experienced family law attorney to ensure that all court documents are prepared and filed correctly.

At Furubotten Law, we understand the stress that often accompanies family law matters and work hard to resolve our clients’ issues as favorably as possible.

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Client Reviews

See how Furubotten Law has made a difference in people’s lives.

She focused her actions on what would move my case forward in the most positive and fruitful way.

– Gates A.

Denise guided me through a messy divorce process with clarity and wisdom.

– Sasha K.

She was sensitive, creative, and tenacious in her pursuit of a resolution to a long and vicious divorce proceeding.

– Sandra D.

She is thorough, diligent, honest and fair.

– Robert Waddell, Attorney

Denise is very thorough and provided valuable insight on issues that I had not understood.

– Jason

Ms. Furubotten has been a great asset in my divorce case.

– Nina

Attorney And Founder

Denise Furubotten

Denise Furubotten


Our founder and president, Denise A. Furubotten, has been in practice for more than 25 years and has represented thousands of clients throughout the state of California. She is admitted to practice in state and federal courts and is currently a member of several regional bar associations. She is respected by courts and colleagues alike.


    • Highly accessible and responsive to clients
    • A wide range of litigation experience
    • Work directly with Denise Furubotten
    • Long-term solutions for your well-being

Types Of Family Law Matters

Family law does not just involve divorce cases, as many people assume. There are many different issues that can arise — especially when the parties have significant marital property or children.

We can help you prepare documents and resolve legal issues involving:

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We provide solution-oriented advice and representation in every area of family law. While our attorney is a skilled litigator, we always try to find the most efficient resolution to a dispute and are qualified to represent you through mediation.

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Denise Furubotten

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