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Asset And Debt Division Attorney In Huntington Beach

When parties separate as the result of a divorce or legal separation, the court must decide how to divide property and other assets as well as assign any outstanding debt. The court must do this no matter whose name is attached to an asset or debt. Asset and debt division includes:

  • Real property
  • Cash
  • Stocks
  • Pensions
  • Investments
  • Household items
  • Jewelry, art, etc.

Is California A Community Property State?

California is a community property state. This means that any property acquired during the marriage will normally be divided equally between the parties. Generally speaking, property acquired prior to marriage, after separation, or obtained by gift or inheritance is separate property and will be awarded to the party acquiring the property. However, there are many factors and circumstances which can change the characterization of a particular piece of property.

‘My Name Is On The Title – Does That Mean It’s Mine?’

Parties often fall into the trap of believing that “title” to property or the name on an account determines the characterization of the property. In some cases, title and name may determine who the property belongs to. In other cases, it makes no difference at all. Even in cases where the property may ultimately be awarded to one party, the other party may be entitled to some financial compensation for the specific property.

Protect Your Assets With Help From The Experienced Property Division Attorney At Furubotten Law

Furubotten Law handles property division with the utmost care. Denise Furubotten and her team will ensure you are aware of all that you are entitled to as a result of a divorce or separation. She is equipped to provide full representation on all your property division issues. She is also committed to providing attorney-assisted services for those clients who wish to consult with an attorney but continue to represent themselves.

Attorney-Assisted Services For Asset And Debt Division In California

Furubotten Law offers solutions for almost every budget. When you just can’t afford full attorney representation, check out the firm’s Attorney Assisted Services page to find out about obtaining limited services for:

  • Property settlement agreements
  • Attorney consultations and case evaluations

Contact Denise and her team today for a free initial consultation of your property settlement case and find out which of our services are right for you. Just call 714-400-2688 or reach out online.