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Dedicated Lawyer Fighting For You In Paternity Cases

At Furubotten Law, we understand the responsibility that goes along with being a parent. Paternity cases determine whether or not an individual is a child’s biological parent. Biological parents have important rights and obligations to their children. When parties who weren’t married at the time of a child’s birth cannot agree on parentage or how to share custody and financial responsibility of a child, a paternity case is necessary to resolve those issues. Paternity cases often arise in child support cases but are equally important to child custody and visitation, adoption, inheritance, health care and other issues. An experienced paternity attorney can help you navigate this process.

Like disputes over children in divorce situations, paternity cases are sensitive and involve complex issues that should have the involvement of an experienced attorney. Our attorney at Furubotten Law is experienced, knowledgeable and creative in finding solutions for paternity issues. Whether you are trying to compel a DNA test, trying to set aside a voluntary declaration of paternity, or facing a child support or custody and visitation issue, the paternity attorney at Furubotten Law is dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcome for you and your children.

We offer full representation for paternity matters for those who are able to retain a paternity attorney to handle all aspects of the case. We also offer our attorney-assisted services for those who can only afford limited attorney involvement. We can consult with you to discuss the difficulties, challenges and strengths of your case, and we will even prepare paperwork at your direction.

We have solutions for almost every budget. When you just can’t afford full attorney representation, we offer limited attorney-assisted services for:

  • Initial child custody and visitation agreements
  • Orders to Show Cause
  • Modifications for custody and visitation
  • Move-aways
  • Attorney consultations and case evaluations

Contact our offices by calling 714-400-2688 for a FREE initial consultation of your paternity case and find out which of our paternity services are right for you. Give us a call today!