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Long Beach Family Law Lawyer

Furubotten Law, APC

3780 Kilroy Airport Way
Long Beach, CA 90806

Phone: 714-400-2688

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Protecting Long Beach Family Law Clients

Many people do not want to consider the possibility of going to family court or needing an estate plan. However, these are important matters that need to be properly addressed with the help of an experienced attorney. Furubotten Law, APC, assists many clients in the Long Beach area with sensitive and emotional legal issues. Attorney Denise Furubotten and her team know how to achieve client objectives in many types of cases. If you need legal assistance, contact the firm today.

Handling All Types Of Family Law Cases

When you think of family law, you might first think of divorce, which is a common matter overseen by the family courts in California. Denise guides clients through the divorce process, including all issues that come with this type of case. This can include spousal support, child-related matters, and the division of community property and assets.

However, family law involves more than divorce, and the firm also assists with cases involving child custody, child support, adoption, paternity, premarital agreements and more. Denise can advise you of all relevant laws and fight for your rights in any family law case.

Speak With A Long Beach Family Law Attorney

For any family-related matter, you want the legal team from Furubotten Law, APC, on your side. Call 714-400-2688 or reach out online to schedule a free initial consultation.