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A Firm Offering Skilled Guidance For Survivors In Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is a problem that is far more common than many people realize. Yet, to each person who has been a victim, it is easy to feel both alone and powerless to change their circumstances. They may be afraid for their physical safety and the safety of their kids. They worry about how they’ll support themselves financially. They may even be reluctant to give up on a relationship that once saw happier times.

If you’ve experienced domestic violence and know you need to leave your spouse or partner, you likely can’t do it alone. You should begin by immediately calling law enforcement for help. Your next call should be to Furubotten Law, APC. With more than 27 years of legal experience, Denise Furubotten is ready to help you seek legal protection, gain financial independence and see the possibility of a much brighter future. She and her team have advocated for many domestic violence survivors in California, and they can do the same for you.

Types Of Restraining Orders In California

There are four different types of restraining orders designed to help victims of harassment or domestic violence:

Emergency Protective Order or EPO – This is issued by law enforcement and is valid for no more than five court days. It protects victims of domestic violence, stalking, child abuse and child abduction.

Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order (also called TRO or DVRO) – This restraining order is issued by a judge for victims of domestic violence for an initial period of 15-21 days. An additional court date will follow the order, at which time the judge may cancel the temporary order or extend the order for up to three years.

Criminal Protective Order (No Contact Order) – This is obtained through the district attorney’s office to protect victims or witnesses of a crime.

Civil Harassment Restraining Order – This restraining order is often obtained for individuals who do not qualify for a domestic violence order. The order may be issued initially for 15-21 days. An additional court date will follow the order, at which time the judge may cancel the order or extend it for up to three years. Civil Harassment Orders can be obtained to stop stalking, harassment and violence.

When seeking a domestic violence restraining order or a civil harassment restraining order, it is a good idea to consult an experienced and trusted family law attorney like Denise Furubotten. Her firm has solutions for almost every budget, including limited attorney-assisted services.

Don’t Wait To Seek Help From An Experienced And Caring Attorney

Furubotten Law, APC, has four convenient office locations in Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach and Murrieta, California. You can schedule a free and confidential consultation about your legal options with an experienced domestic violence attorney and find out which legal services are right for you. To get started, just call 714-400-2688 or submit an online contact form.