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Protecting Fathers’ Connection To Their Children

Fathers are a vital part of their children’s lives. As a result, many fathers wonder whether they can continue to be an important guiding force and source of support in their child’s life after their relationship with the child’s mother ends.

The founding attorney at Furubotten Law, advocates for fathers’ rights in and out of court. Denise Furubotten combines decades of legal experience, broad knowledge of the law and a passion for helping clients throughout California protect their parental rights. If you wonder how you can preserve your connection with your child, Denise and her team are prepared to help.

What Are A Father’s Rights Under California Law?

While many fathers worry that the courts will favor mothers when determining child custody, that is not always the case. Under California law, both parents have an equal right to custody of their child. That includes guiding their life, accessing important records, parenting in the way that they think is best and being involved in their child’s life. They also have equal responsibility for their child, including providing them with financial support.

California courts make custody decisions based on the arrangement that will best support the child’s needs and development. During this process, parents may be granted two different types of custody.

  • Legal custody – Legal custody determines who has the authority to make decisions for a child. These decisions can include what health care they receive, what school they attend and what (if any) religious upbringing they receive.
  • Physical custody – Physical custody involves direct participation in a child’s life, including spending time with them and directly parenting them.

Parents often share both legal and physical custody, though parents may be able to maintain legal custody even if the court does not grant them parenting time.

Denise brings decades of family law experience to every client’s legal matter, and she is proud to fight for fathers’ rights to be an active and involved part of their child’s life. She and her team can also help fathers navigate complications like past accusations of domestic violence and relevant physical or mental disabilities as they work to protect their parental rights.

Helping Unmarried Fathers Establish Paternity

While mothers are automatically recognized as their child’s legal parent when they are born, unmarried fathers do not always receive that legal recognition. Thankfully, it is possible for fathers to create this legal connection with their children by establishing paternity even if a child’s mother does not voluntarily declare them the father. The team at Furubotten Law is prepared to advocate for you throughout this process and help you pursue visitation or parenting time with your child.

Call A Fathers’ Rights Attorney With Experience

Whether you want to establish paternity or preserve your relationship with your child, Furubotten Law can offer experienced guidance. The firm is based in Huntington Beach, California, and has additional office locations in Manhattan Beach, Long Beach and Murrieta. To schedule a free consultation, you can reach out online or call 714-400-2688.