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A Huntington Beach Family Lawyer Helping With Difficult Guardianship Cases In California

Guardianship refers to a court appointing someone other than a child’s parents to manage the child’s property, have physical custody of the child or both. This might happen if a child’s parents pass away or are unable to care for the child – physically or mentally. Guardianships can be short or long-term, and they can even end in the adoption of the child.

If you believe you should be appointed guardian of a child or you want to fight against a guardianship action related to your child, you should not wait to contact a highly experienced guardianship lawyer in California. There is a lot at stake in this type of case, and Furubotten Law can help.

How Guardianship Works

Guardianship is not the same as adoption, and a few key differences include:

  • Parents do not have their rights fully terminated in a guardianship, and they can request reasonable contact with their child
  • Guardians may be subject to court supervision and reporting to the court
  • The legal relationship of a guardian is not permanent and can be terminated by the court so the parent can resume caring for the child

In many cases, if a parent becomes temporarily unable to care for a child, the guardian will be a grandparent or another close relative of the child. This is often preferred rather than appointing someone the child does not know well. However, if no family members are available, the court may seek out someone else to care for the child.

Contact A Guardianship Lawyer In California For Assistance

Denise and her team at Furubotten Law can help with your case. She is dedicated to protecting your interests and those of your children. Call 714-400-2688 or reach out online to discuss your guardianship matter. The firm has family law offices located in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Manhattan Beach and Murrieta to best help you.