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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law

Divorce and other family law issues can leave you and your family uncertain about your future. When you face these challenging questions, the right attorney can offer answers and personalized guidance.

Attorney Denise Furubotten has helped Californians navigate these types of legal matters for decades. She and her team at Furubotten Law, APC, are dedicated to helping you understand your options in the divorce process, providing you with the information you need to make important choices or helping you understand the way your choices could impact your future.

Whether you and your spouse generally agree on the details of your divorce or you want to protect your rights when determining the fate of your business or other valuable assets, family law matters often lead to questions. Denise can provide answers based on more than 25 years of experience and a broad range of legal knowledge. Some of the most commonly asked questions are answered below.

How do I file for divorce?

To file for divorce, you will need to file a number of forms with the court, pay a filing fee and serve papers to your spouse. After that, you will wait for your spouse to file their own forms. Finally, you will resolve any issues of property division, support and custody before obtaining a final divorce judgment.

Is there a way to get divorced without going to court?

While many people are most familiar with a litigated divorce, where a couple takes their divorce to court, that is not the only way that couples can approach the divorce process. Alternative dispute resolution options like mediation allow you to negotiate with your spouse to reach an arrangement that feels fair to both of you.

How long does the divorce process take?

Divorces in California often take six months or more, but the exact amount of time that your divorce takes will depend on your situation. If you and your spouse work together and generally agree on details, the process will often take less time. A divorce that involves complex assets, significant conflict or child custody matters will often take longer.

How much does divorce cost?

The cost of a divorce depends on a variety of different factors, including the path you take to end your marriage and how much time that process takes. A divorce where you reach a fair arrangement quickly will usually cost much less than a divorce that takes more time.

If my spouse and I live in different states, where can we get a divorce?

Generally, if you and your spouse live in different states, you can file for divorce in either state. However, it is important to review the residency requirements for divorce in each state to ensure that you meet the requirements to file for divorce in the state where you live.

How do courts divide property in divorce?

In California, you and your spouse both have a claim to most of the money, property and debts you acquired during your marriage. Each spouse is entitled to an equal share of this “community property,” though that equal share may look different depending on your priorities.

Do I have to disclose all of my finances during the divorce?

To reach a fair division of property, both spouses generally need to disclose their finances. This ensures that the court has a full picture of their jointly owned property.

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