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Work With An Experienced LGBTQ+ Divorce Attorney In Huntington Beach

When your same-sex marriage ends, you do not have to face the divorce process alone. You deserve to have an empathetic and skilled attorney by your side.

Denise Furubotten is proud to offer compassionate and supportive guidance to same-sex couples navigating the divorce process. Utilizing decades of legal experience, Denise and her team at Furubotten Law, APC, help California families create personalized strategies based on their specific situations and needs.

What Challenges Do Same-Sex Couples Have In Divorce?

In California, divorce law applies to all married couples regardless of the sex of those involved. However, same-sex couples may face unique challenges during the divorce process.

Unfortunately, because of how recently same-sex marriages were legalized in the United States, many couples were together long before they married. As a result, the court may not consider the full length of the relationship when making decisions about financial support and property division. Assets acquired before a couple was married would not be community property under California law, even if both spouses made contributions to the household. A skilled attorney can help you create a strategy to address this challenge.

Parents may also face challenges when determining child support or custody. Because one person may have parented their spouse’s child without adopting that child, they may not have any legal right to continue that connection after divorce. If you are in this situation, you may want experienced guidance to help you protect your relationship with your child.

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Furubotten Law is committed to helping California couples navigate the divorce process and make informed decisions. For a no-cost initial consultation with an experienced family law attorney, contact the firm online or call 714-400-2688.