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Custody Concerns Stemming from COVID-19

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Child Custody

The COVID-19 pandemic is difficult for everyone, though it can be particularly concerning for parents who share custody of their children. It can be nerve-racking to send your child to their other parent’s house, though it is important to stick to your custody order as much as you possibly can while still considering the best interests of your child.

Stay-at-home orders should not negate a shared custody order. Parents should never refuse to hand over their child due to stay-at-home orders, though there are some situations in which a custody arrangement may need to be adjusted during this time. Some circumstances include:

  • If the other parent is a healthcare worker or regularly exposed to COVID-19, you might agree to have your child remain living with you during this time
  • If your child is at high risk due to illness or immune deficiencies, you might decide to keep them in the safest home available instead of switching back and forth
  • If you learn the other parent is refusing to abide by stay-at-home orders and is putting your child at risk of exposure, you might want to try to keep custody of your child

In many cases, parents can agree that adjusting the order is best, and one parent might have visitation over FaceTime or Zoom instead of in person. However, if you are fearful for your child’s safety, and the other parent will not agree to change your schedule, you might need to obtain an emergency custody order.

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