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Holiday co-parenting tips

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2023 | Child Custody

The holiday season is a time of joy, but for co-parents, it can also bring unique challenges.

Successfully navigating this time requires careful planning and communication.

Establish a clear schedule

Did you know that 22% of children in the U.S. lived with their biological mothers and only five percent lived with their biological fathers? This leads to some challenges during the holidays when children want to spend time with both parents. Therefore, start by establishing a clear holiday schedule well in advance. Clearly outline when each parent will have time with the children, including specific pickup and drop-off times. However, when unexpected events arise, be flexible.

Prioritize communication

Keep each other informed about any changes to the holiday schedule or unexpected festive events. Utilize technology, such as shared calendars or messaging apps, to streamline communication and avoid misunderstandings.

Focus on the children’s needs

Remember that the holidays are about creating positive experiences for the children. Put their needs first and compromise for their well-being. Consider their preferences when planning activities or deciding on holiday traditions.

Plan gift-giving strategically

Coordinate gift-giving to avoid duplication and ensure a balanced experience for the children. Planning ahead helps minimize confusion and creates a more enjoyable holiday experience for everyone.

Create new traditions

Embrace the opportunity to create new holiday traditions with your children. While some traditions may continue from the past, introducing fresh and meaningful activities can help your family adapt to the changes in dynamics. Building new traditions allows everyone to participate in creating cherished memories.

Successful holiday co-parenting requires careful planning. Place your children at the center of the holidays to create a positive and memorable experience for everyone involved.