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How Long Does a Divorce Take in Manhattan Beach California?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2021 | Divorce

The decision to get divorced is hard enough, and when it seems to drag on forever, the hurt and associated pain is also extended, and this is not always necessary. While a divorce is an unfortunate experience, it need not be inefficient and time-consuming. With an experienced Manhattan Beach divorce attorney at your side objectively applying the law to your facts and circumstances, the processing of your divorce can often be made as efficient as possible.

A Manhattan Beach divorce attorney from Furubotten Law can help you determine what the best options are concerning your divorce and how to approach the process to make it as fast and efficient as possible.

Divorce Processing Times

California requires spouses to wait at least six months from filing a divorce petition until the case can be finalized. This is a mandatory waiting period, so no one will have a divorce case that is faster than six months. Many people, however, have to wait longer until they have a final divorce.

The time your case takes will depend on many factors:

  • Do your spouse and their attorney cooperate with discovery and information requests?
  • Can you agree on terms right away? Do you need mediation to reach agreements?
  • Do you need to take one or more issues in your divorce before the judge?

Of course, cases that require litigation will take much longer than those settled out of court. This is one reason you want an attorney who knows how to negotiate to reach a settlement whenever possible.

Connect with a Manhattan Beach Divorce Attorney Today

Divorce filings can be relatively straightforward and take little more than six months, or they can be highly complicated and contentious and take years. Contact a Manhattan Beach divorce attorney at Furubotten Law today to schedule a consultation to discuss your divorce and the options for your case.