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Sharing Physical Custody of Your Children

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2021 | Child Custody

If two parents get divorced or otherwise decide to live apart, they each have the right to see their child and spend physical time with them. In most cases, custody will be split between the parents unless one parent presents the risk of physical or emotional harm to the child. Sharing custody with an ex can be challenging, but it is important to manage healthy co-parenting whenever possible.


Children in Manhattan Beach are busier than ever these days, with school, sports, other extracurricular activities, social events, and more. Cooperating on your child’s schedule can make matters much easier when you share physical custody. There are many apps that can help families stay on the same scheduling page, and these can help avoid conflicts or confusion about who is supposed to take your child where and at what time.


Parents need a clear outline of who will be transporting the child to the other parent’s home and when. If one parent constantly fails to show up on time, it can be aggravating to the other parent to have to wait all the time, which can breed conflict. In some cases, you might want to pick up and drop off the child at a location other than your home, such as a park. These are important guidelines you need to decide on and follow.

School Events

What happens with parent-teacher conferences and other school events that involve parents? You can decide to get along and attend these together, as long as you are sure that it will not cause any drama for your child. If not, you can arrange to attend these events at different times or sit in different areas.

Discuss Your Custody Case with a Manhattan Beach Child Custody Lawyer

Sharing custody can be hard, but with the right parenting plan and schedule, you can make it work for everyone involved. Let a Manhattan Beach child custody lawyer atFurubotten Law help with your case – please contact us for assistance today.