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First Steps to File for Divorce in 2022

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2021 | Divorce

Once the holidays are over, and things go back to normal, many people decide it is time to file for divorce. Whether you held out during the holidays knowing you wanted a divorce or the stress of the holidays added conflict to your marriage, you should not hesitate to take the first steps toward this legal process.

First of all, you should seek help from a Huntington Beach divorce lawyer. This is true even if you are not 100 percent sure you want to move forward with a divorce. Our law firm can explain the process to you, tell you what you might expect, and advise on steps you can take to prepare for a divorce. Sometimes, hearing about the process helps to solidify your decision one way or the other.

Then, you should begin gathering some of the information you will need to file your divorce petition. This can include:

  • Names and Social Security numbers of you, your spouse, and your children
  • All financial accounts and online access information
  • An inventory of your personal property
  • Statements of debts you have, including car loans, mortgages, or credit cards
  • An inventory of all of your assets and real property
  • Proof of income and financial resources for both you and your spouse
  • Tax returns

This is only the beginning, and it can take time to pull all this information together. Sometimes, it’s best to start gathering information before your spouse knows, as this prevents the chance that they might try to conceal assets. Once you present this information to your attorney and decide to move forward, your lawyer can get your case underway.

Discuss Your Options with a Huntington Beach Divorce Attorney

At Furubotten Law, we know that divorce is a huge decision, and we never rush clients into the process. Contact us to discuss a possible case and how we can help.